• Never Dim Your Shine RARE One’s

    Don’t hide your uniqueness for anyone. Walk confidently in your power. May your glow up blind the eyes of those bringing negative energy. What they...
  • RARE Women Rock Worldwide!

    Thank You to all the unique International Women who have made purchases in support of my brand. This brand was created for the Rare women who set t...
  • Protect Your Energy You Are So Rare

    Enjoy the benefits and Healing Properties precious natural gemstones offer. *New Arrival in RARE Jewelry Collection Today. 
  • Queen Aura Crystal Healing Power

    Elaborate, Luxury Style Handmade Multicolored Full Healing Gemstones, Swarovski Crystal Quartz, And Full Dramatic Pearl Encrusted Headbands. Advance Your Queen Aura Today!
  • Say Her Name, Say Their Names

    Protect Black Women At All Costs. Not only are we women; We Are Queen's.
  • A Sexy Summer Must Have

    The famous Business Shirt is back! Only Better; as a Mini Dress with a RARE Twist.
  • In Loving Memory Of Breyonna Taylor “Say Her Name”

    Justice For Breyonna Taylor

    TEXT “ENOUGH” to 551-56


  • Your YONI Matters

    YONI vaginal steaming is important for the female body. Why should you try YONI Steaming for your Vagina? Find out today Ladies, just search “VAGINAL CARE” in the menu bar to shop now & help enhance your overall vaginal health.
  • Why Choose RARE 3D Mink Fur Eyelashes?

    Mink Fur Lashes Take You From 0 to 100 REAL QUICK!
  • Be Inspired By The RARE One “Recherché Rav”

    Keep up with me on Instagram. Find Daily RARE Quotes; promoting positivity, motivation, and also my beauty tips. Sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement. Follow Me; The RARE One @iamtherareonerav on instagram for Daily RARE Inspirational Quotes & more.
  • Don’t be a Go Getter; Be The GLOW GETTER!

    The RARE Glow
  • Be RARE

     “A Rare One Goes After Her Own Bag... Anything Else A Man Does For Her Is Considered Extra Credit.”                         - Recherché Rav