• Shine unapologetically

    Never dim your light to make others comfortable. Let them go blind if need be.
  • Celebrating Women’s History Month

    Honoring the legendary Madonna  I’m celebration of Women’s Month, “The Rare Experience By Rav” brand are paying homage to the legendary Madonna. Sh...
  • Imitation isn’t always a high form of flattery

    Blessed And Highly Favored
  • Happy October NBCAM

    October 13 is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Day in the United States. Early detection saves lives. 
  • World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day

    If my wounds were visible
  • Happy Mother’s Day Rare One’s

    If roses grow in heaven I need two bouquets
  • Do Not step off your throne to address peons!

    It’s not just your time, it’s your turn rare chosen one’s “💎”
  • The Alchemist

    Don’t let difficult circumstances break you. Use them as fuel to make you a stronger individual. Transform the energy. 
  • A Reminder For Rare Chosen Ones

    Today set a daily congratulatory reminder of how great you are; or how far you’ve come.
  • Walk In Silence For Being Silenced DV Solidarity Walk

    Financial earnings from each customer’s purchase for “Domestic Violence Awareness month” in October has been Donated to spreading awareness & educating women in depth on the levels & tactics of Narcissistic Abuse & Domestic Violence.
  • Domestic Violence DV Awareness & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Spreading Awareness

    October is officially the month for PURPLE 💜 hearts and PINK 🎀 ribbons. You are not in this fight alone.

  • Women’s History Month “Honoring The OES”

    Honoring The Order Of The Eastern Star

    The OES has definitely made their mark in Women’s History & will continue to be a guiding light for many years to come. 

    “Fairest Among Thousands All Together Lovely”