About The Brand

The RARE Experience is a Luxury Fashion Beauty Brand online. Offering unique variety fashion styles, Bling Accessories, and Beauty Collection for Rare Women all around the world. Giving you access to high quality brand label styles; without breaking your pockets. Us women have enough to handle on the daily basis being women period. This Boutique offers each RARE one availability options to customize the “merch” to fit her own “One Of A Kind” Style. Embellished Or Encrusted. What is a Rare Woman you ask?; A Rare Woman is a female who’s Passionate, Driven, and Motivated to achieve all of her goals. She doesn’t just write a list, she applies Effort; and Action. The Mother with style like no other. The Auntie with good advice, who always looks nice. The Business savvy women with a sophisticated, sexy fashion sense; and the list goes on. There’s something Unique about each & every female. The merchandise provided by RARE is named after a variation of women, for the fact; every woman is RARE in her own way. This brand was created, and founded by C.E.O. “Recherché Rav” The Rare One; For All Rare Women Worldwide. 

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